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Frequently Asked Questions – WTF


Is Waste Transformation Farming the same as Microponics?

Yes.  Microponics (the integration of fish, plants and micro-livestock) embraces all aspects of waste transformation farming.

Where does iAVs fit into waste transformation farming?

iAVs is my preferred way to integrate fish and plants.  Indeed, iAVs is an excellent example of waste transformation at work.  As such, it occupies a very special niche within the WT Farming method.

Building a Waste Transformation Farm

Can I build a farm totally from waste?

Fortunes have been made from waste.   There is no reason why, with access to sufficient waste of the right type, you couldn’t build a farm solely from organic waste.

Is WT Farming just for backyarders and small farmers?

No.  Waste transformation farming is infinitely scalable.  Having said that, it’s more likely to be applicable to small farms because of the number of processes involved.