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Gary Donaldson

I’m a 69-year old Australian urban farmer, artisan, author and activist…and the architect of…

Have More For Less

The pursuit of happiness through simple living and self-reliance

  • I grow much of my own food.
  • I live in a tiny house and provide my own utilities.
  • I design and build small structures and make fine craft objects.
  • I sell and barter goods and services.

“Nature Bats Last.  Our days are numbered.  Passionately pursue a life of excellence”…Guy McPherson

iAVs was developed in the mid-1980’s by Dr Mark R McMurtry.  It is, like Aquaponics, a means of growing plants using the metabolic wastes of fish but it is more productive, resilient and sustainable...and my preferred food production method.  This section provides information on the method and serves as a point of referral to a range of professional services offered by its inventor.
If you want the cleanest and freshest food you’ve ever eaten…if you want to save/make money…and you want to cut our planet a break…you need to know more about waste transformation farming.
Aquaponics is the integration of recirculating aquaculture and hydroponics.

Urban Farmer

I grow my own food.

Tiny House Advocate

I live in a micro-house.


I make Fine Craft Multiples


I sell & barter goods & services.