Gary Donaldson

I’m a 68-year old Australian urban farmer, artisan, author and activist…and the architect of…

Have More For Less

The pursuit of happiness through simple living and self-reliance


  • I grow much of my own food.
  • I live in a tiny house and provide my own utilities.
  • I design and build small structures and make fine craft objects.
  • I sell and barter goods and services.

“Nature Bats Last.  Our days are numbered.  Passionately pursue a life of excellence”…Guy McPherson

iAVs was developed in 1984 by Dr Mark R McMurtry.  It is, like Aquaponics, a means of growing plants using the metabolic wastes of fish. Unlike Aquaponics (which it pre-dates), iAVs is productive, resilient and sustainable…and my preferred food production method.

If you want the cleanest and freshest food you’ve ever eaten…if you want to save/make money…and you want to cut our planet a break…you need to know more about waste transformation farming.

Have More For Less is premised on the pursuit of happiness through simple living and self-reliance.

Aquaponics is the integration of recirculating aquaculture and hydroponics.

Urban Farmer

I grow my own food.

Tiny House Advocate

I live in a micro-house.


I make Fine Craft Multiples


I sell & barter goods & services.