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Aquaponics FAQ

General Questions

Why are people attracted to Aquaponics?
What if I don't want to eat - or sell - my fish?

It makes no financial sense to do aquaponics if you don’t like fish…and you’re not planning to sell them. ┬áIn such situations, there are far more cost-effective ways to access plant nutrients that fish feed.

If you want to grow plants quickly and easily – and with relatively few hiccups – go for hydroponics. A nice little well-designed hydro system is the closest you’ll get to a perpetual motion plant production machine.

Hydroponics is far easier to build, much cheaper, far more predictable, easier to operate and, with a little knowledge, far more productive than the average backyard aquaponics system.

What's the best way to grow plants using the metabolic wastes of fish?

In my humble (but experienced) view, the Integrated Aqua-Vegeculture system is the most productive, resilient and sustainable way to integrate fish and plant production.

Integrated Aqua-Vegeculture System