Sorry ’bout the lateness of this ‘Happenings’…but life just got in the way this week.

A New Waste Transformation Farm Project

In my spare time, I provide consultancy to aspiring waste transformation (WTF) farmers.  It’s not very lucrative because I haven’t charged for my time but it does allow me to extend my reach into regions that are dissimilar to my own place…thereby expanding the WTF knowledge base.

Anyway, it looks like I might be working with the owner to adapt an existing small cattle farm to the waste transformation method.

Ebb and Flow Hydroponics System

I divided my collection of about eight kangkong plants into lots of root sections and planted them out into the ebb and flow unit.   This unit is now outside (rather than in the shadehouse) so, with the recent mild weather. I’m hoping we’ll have lots of little plants on their way.

Tree Change

There’s been a significant change in our situation during the past week…and we didn’t have to do anything at all.

Our neighbours on our northern boundary removed several very large trees in preparation for house-building.  In so doing, they brought about a big change in our solar exposure.

The removal of the trees directly impacts us in three ways.

First, we no longer get the shade provided by the trees and, in a world that is getting hotter, that’s a downside.

The second impact – an upside – is that parts of our place that were previously in shade, are now growing areas.   And that clears the way for the remaining impact…we’re now have the location and capacity for solar panels.

The trees will be missed.  The decision to remove one should never be taken lightly and we’re sad that they’re gone.  

But, now we have to make the best of what we’ve got…and that’s a going to be a recurring theme for all of us…on a personal and global level.