Apprenticeship in Lifestyle Development

This project hogged the time, this week…but the outcomes more than justified the effort.

To recap, I’ve begun to teach my grandsons the things that the education system won’t teach them…achieving happiness through simple living and self-reliance.  While most grandfathers probably teach their grandchildren useful things, my approach will be a little more intensive…and goal-directed.

We spent the week learning simple tasks like ropework and knots…caring for chickens…roughing out blanks on a wood lathe – and various other micro-masteries.  This was largely about learning to learn for them…and us getting used to each other in our adjusted roles.

They returned to their mainland home on Saturday – and voted the fortnight a huge success.

iAVs/DWC Comparison

While I completed the structural elements of the grow bed/tank last week, the ground under one of the cement block piers has settled to the point where the pier now a slight Leaning Tower of Pisa feel about it.  

It’s probably not a big deal – but these beds will weigh in excess of a metric ton once they’re filled – so I want to be absolutely certain that they’re safe to be around.  The other issue is that every time I walk past them, I’ll know that one of the piers has a slant on it…and that will annoy the hell of out me.  So, I’ll fix the problem before I line the beds and install the drains.

Laying Chickens

Our twelve chickens laid twelve eggs – last Friday – for the first time.  While this wouldn’t normally be noteworthy, it was huge for me after months of fluctuating egg production.  

While it’s been a really busy week, there’s been limited progress on the project front.  I’m hopeful that this situation will change in the coming week.  We’ll see.  

Until then, take it easy.