We’re getting rain on a daily basis and our water tanks (10,000 litres capacity) are full.  I have another 6,000 litres of temporary storage deployed, too.  In addition to storing water, these ponds, tanks and tubs are also used to grow duckweed.

The hydroponics systems – NFT and gravel media beds – are going well.  I’m growing kangkong in the gravel beds – for the chickens and it’s a winner.  It grows quickly and it’s a quality greenfeed…and great for stir-fried dishes, too.

Most of the wicking beds are planted out to vegetables like pak choi and silverbeet (Swiss chard).  At the moment, my focus is on fast-growing plants for food and fodder.

Our little ebb and flow seed propagator continues to exceed my expectations.  I’m currently using it to grow kale seedlings.

The chickens have settled down and are finally laying enough eggs to meet our needs…still with scope for improvement.  I’m now able to feed BSF larvae and homegrown green feed (in addition to their organic base ration and kitchen scraps) on a daily basis.  Although I provide the organic ration on an ad lib basis, my goal is to reduce their consumption of it (it’s expensive) by supplementing with homegrown ingredients.

The big win, this week, was the arrival of a bulk-a-bag of sand (made from recycled glass).  A gift from an old friend, the glass sand will be used to build my first iAVs system.