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Welcome to

Let’s begin with a brief explanation of what the site is really about, how it came into being…and then I’ll talk about what it seeks to achieve.

Websites are like children in several respects…not the least of which that, if you have too many of them, they are subject to neglect.  That was certainly the case with me.  My Microponics site was only getting updated spasmodically and the home of the Urban Aquaponics Manual (long overdue for revision) was similarly neglected.  My old forum Aquaponics HQ (now Aquaponics Nation) had changed hands but I was still its principal contributor.

Suffice to say, I had stuff everywhere.  The other problem was that, since most of my content involved food production, my websites never fully represented the scope of my interests.

So, in early 2017, I decided to rationalise my various sites – and  my collection of domain names.  It was time to develop content in one place – and to conduct the discussions around my interests in another.  That’s it…just two websites.  And Facebook!  Like it or loathe it, everybody is there so I use it as a billboard to announce my latest mutterings.

In an attempt to lend some order to the process, I listed my various interests.  Long story short, a pattern (and life purpose) emerged and the Have More For Less discussion forum…a place where I can share and discuss ideas about self-reliance and simple living…was the outcome.  Over time, I plan to transition the content from my old sites to this one and the HMFL forum.

I’ve been blogging and self-publishing for over 13 years…and I like it.

While the HMFL platform is certainly fit for the purpose of discussion, it’s blogging capabilites leave much to be desired.  The other problem with discussion forums is that it appears that their owners should set a behavioural standard for the other participants.   If I have to behave on HMFL, then I need someplace that I can say what I want without having to tread the minefield of people’s feelings.  

This is that place.  

Note:  I’ll endeavour to identify content that is likely to offend so that it might be avoided…by those of gentle disposition, the politically correct…and my old mum.

In effect, the blog aspect of is a gateway.  It’s here that I’ll also introduce various ideas related to HMFL (and all of its aspects) with the idea that any ensuing discussion can take place back on the forum.  I’ll then post a link to my Facebook pages and groups for those who can’t fathom a universe outside of Facebook.