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Most of the articles on this site endeavour to enlighten readers as to what iAVs is.  We thought it would be interesting to canvass all of the things that it is not.

  • It’s not hydroponics – it has more in common with organic gardening than hydroponics.
  • It’s not a miracle – it’s roots are firmly based in science rather than magick.
  • It’s not going to feed the world – most of the world’s calories come from grains – but it will expand the nutritional base of anybody who uses it.
  • It’s not a religion – it’s biology.
  • It’s not going to save California from its water woes – although it is the most water-efficient food production method anywhere.
  • It’s not based on plastic or pumps.
  • It’s not going to enrich Dow Chemical or other polluters – because it doesn’t require miles of PVC pipe or mountains of Styrofoam.
  • It’s not basic flood and drain – it actually works.
  • It’s not new – although it spawned everything that subsequently became known as aquaponics.

Most of all…’s not aquaponics –  it’s much more.