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The Integrated Aqua-Vegeculture System (iAVs) is a remarkable food production system.

If we had to encompass all of its attributes in a single word it would be sustainability.

  • It is capable of unparalleled productivity.
  • It generates no waste which is not 100% recyclable (like plant residues).
  • It uses less water than any other food production method – including other aquaponics variants.
  • It requires less energy to build and operate than any other aquaponics system.
  • It’s scalable from the family or village to commercial enterprises.

All of that speaks to iAVs as the food production method of the future…..and it’s FREE for the taking.

That’s right!  We’re not selling anything…..not pumps, fish food, tanks, plan sets, kits.  We’re not even selling information…..not videos, books, seminars.

We’re giving it away……FREE!

If humanity cannot learn to derive its sustenance on this planet in a responsible and sustainable fashion – to coexist with nature rather than consuming it – then what possible hope is there for our  futures?

Mark has given half his life quite literally to this idea……and 30 years after the initial discovery, (and in declining health)  he’s still putting several hours every day into furthering the implementation of iAVs.

He wants nothing more than to see this remarkable technology brought to bear for the benefit of humanity.

We’ll even work with those who want to develop their own iAVs projects.

All you have to do is try it.

So, what’s stopping you?