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People ask me how I can champion iAVs given my strong (some would say vociferous) support for filtration.

At one end, there’s an apparently genuine sense of curiosity while at the other end, there’s more than a hint of accusation in the tone of the question.

My response is that there is no conflict.

Sand has been used as filtration medium since ancient times.

Sand filters fall into five main categories:

  1. rapid (gravity) sand filters
  2. rapid (pressure) sand bed filters
  3. upflow sand filters  (including fluidized bed reactors).
  4. slow sand filters.
  5. Intermittent sand filters  (including reciprocating bio-filters).

Suffice to say, the efficacy of sand as a filtration medium has been demonstrated throughout all of recorded history and likely known (albeit not technically understood) well before the written word.

Today, with the exception of reverse osmosis technologies, sand filtration remains the preferred water filtration technology of choice for technologically-informed Western professionals and third-world peoples alike.

It’s low cost, virtually fail-safe, non-polluting, infinitely recyclable, all-natural, low-energy and pollution-free.  It just works – and it always will.

Limited perception is the most likely explanation for the failure of aquaponicists to embrace sand filtration.

For additional information, please refer to our articles, “Sand Versus  Gravel as a Biofilter Media“, “Sand Selection Guide“, “Sand BioFilter Construction and Operation, Part 1” and “Part 2“.